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These days, B2B eCommerce buyers expect consumer-like experiences. Business-to-business (B2B) merchants have different priorities, challenges, and expectations than their B2C counterparts. For one, the buying process is often much lengthier and takes into account several decision-makers and stakeholders. Unlike the one-and-done B2C purchases, business buyers seek long-term relationships with other businesses. This is because their purchases are generally repeated over time and involve large quantities.

Breaking into the B2B eCommerce marketplace is no small feat, either—fortunately, B2Commerce can enable unbeatable shopping solutions for both B2B and B2C merchants alike. Our highly-trained team is ready to work with you to create business and increase your bottom line.

Embrace Modern B2B eCommerce

Traditional B2B eCommerce buying experiences fall short in comparison to what modern B2B buyers expect. B2B companies are collectively moving online and require websites that can facilitate their purchasing processes and provide robust customer experiences.

B2Commerce can help merchants build sleek site designs for large catalogs with customer and pricing segmentation down to the SKU level.

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Modern B2B eCommerce Trends

  • Convenience & Accessibility: B2B buyers want a self-service experience instead of needing to manually place orders offline or interact with a sales rep.
  • Mobile Functionality: B2B customers expect to have seamless mobile shopping experiences, just like their B2C counterparts. Expanding into omnichannel solutions is the way to go.
  • Personalized Experience: Trying to force B2B buyers through the B2C sales pipeline isn’t going to be successful. B2B customers want special pricing, tailored recommendations that reflect their past purchases, and an effort to establish long-term buying relationships.