BigCommerce: 10 Game-Changing Features for eCommerce Success 

Soumi Biswas -Content Writer at eWay Corp, Wagento & B2Commerce.
Soumi Biswas May 31, 2023 7 min. read



Do you run a BigCommerce store? Yes! It means that you know how important it is to distinguish your site from your competitors. Well, it’s difficult to compete in a crowded marketplace when we have so many stores running on different eCommerce platforms. But because of the unique features of BigCommerce, you could distinguish yourself from other businesses. 

Wondering what those features are? Allow us to guide you through those game-changing features that make BigCommerce the best eCommerce platform. 

Embrace the Power of Limitless Potential 

Embrace the Power of Limitless Potential bigcommerce features

When you are running an eCommerce store, you must be concerned about your file storage and bandwidth. With BigCommerce, there’s no ceiling to the number of products you can showcase, the storage space you can utilize, or the inquiries your store can handle.  

This is true even for the “Standard” beginner-level plan. You only need to consider sales limits, which vary based on your subscription. Imagine the potential growth with such expansive capabilities at your disposal! 

Streamlining the Checkout Process

If there’s one universal truth in the eCommerce world, it’s that customers prefer a hassle-free shopping experience. And BigCommerce’s Single Page Checkout feature serves just that purpose. A clear, straightforward checkout process significantly boosts conversion rates. Why lead your customers through a maze when you can offer them a super-highway to purchase success? 

Say Goodbye to Downtime Worries

Did you know BigCommerce stores enjoy an impressive 99% uptime rate? That’s right. You can confidently promise your customers round-the-clock availability, even during holiday rushes or flash sales. Partnering with off-site hosting providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), BigCommerce offers reliable uptime, so your sales and customer trust remain unshaken. Plus, it’s cloud-based, freeing you from the responsibilities of maintenance and updates. 

Enrich the Shopping Experience with Product Videos

Enrich the Shopping Experience with Product Videos bigcommerce features

As an eCommerce business, your product presentation is everything. While pictures are worth a thousand words, videos can truly bring your products to life. BigCommerce allows you to integrate videos into your product listings. Whether it’s a detailed demonstration or a high-energy promotional clip, your videos can turn browsing customers into confirmed buyers. 

Entice with Bulk Pricing

By providing discounts for large orders, you may use this Bulk Pricing functionality to persuade clients to make additional purchases. You increase your sales volume while your clients feel like they are receiving a better value. 

Harness the Power of Customer Feedback 

Customer feedback is an invaluable asset. BigCommerce makes it easy to enable customer reviews and ratings on your product pages. Not only do these testimonials lend authenticity to your products, but they also provide valuable insights to help improve your offerings and service. 

Impress with Product Swatches 

Visual variations matter when it comes to online shopping. With BigCommerce’s Product Swatches feature, you can give customers a quick preview of the different options available, be it colors, sizes, or patterns. The power to visually compare and contrast can significantly influence a customer’s purchasing decision. 

Maximize Engagement with Customer Groups & Segmentation 

Maximize Engagement with Customer Groups & Segmentation bigcommerce features

Ever wished for a way to reward your loyal customers or provide unique offerings to different customer groups? The Customer Groups & Segmentation feature lets you do just that! Especially handy for B2B sellers, this feature allows you to customize experiences for specific demographics, fostering loyalty and repeat purchases. 

Recover Potential Sales with Abandoned Cart Saver 

Shoppers abandoning their carts is an all-too-common phenomenon. But fear not, because BigCommerce’s Abandoned Cart Saver feature is here to save the day. You can send automated reminder emails to customers who leave their carts behind, nudging them to complete the purchase. Don’t let potential sales slip through your fingers! 

Empower Your B2B Operations with the B2B Edition 

BigCommerce’s comprehensive B2B Edition is packed with specialized features like product filtering, account management, sales representative quotes, shared shopping lists, and an invoice portal. This version may increase the efficiency of your B2B operations to a completely new level. It is not only going to simplify operations but also enhance user experience. 

There you have it, then! BigCommerce’s 10 distinct characteristics are what make it the formidable eCommerce platform that it is.  

Professional Help

If you’re planning to build your store on an eCommerce platform, we think that the BigCommerce platform is certainly worth considering for the job owing to its compelling features. 

Remember these features offered by BigCommerce can lead to exciting growth opportunities for your store. In the event, you have any questions or need any kind of support, feel free to reach out to our experts. We can help you conquer the eCommerce landscape with BigCommerce. 


What’s holding you back? Start leveraging these extraordinary BigCommerce features today and witness your store rise above the rest in the competitive eCommerce landscape. If development poses a challenge, don’t worry! Our dedicated team at B2Commerce is ready to shoulder that burden for you. Get in touch with us today and let’s make your business an enormous success!  

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