The global market awaits.

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Expand to New Regions

Don’t let logistics get in the way of your international commerce goals. Adapting an online store for different global markets can be a challenge, but B2Commerce is here to help merchants seamlessly localize their content, currencies, payment methods and more.

Ready, Set, Grow

Expand your business from its tiny pot into new, opportunity-rich soil. Once a merchant decides which regions they want to pursue, the next step is to identify the unique commerce characteristics that differentiate those areas. What works in one area may not necessarily meet the expectations of other geographies, which is exactly why merchants looking to expand internationally should be looking for a platform equipped with localization capabilities.

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Cross-Border Checklist

Language: Communicating in different languages can be a huge challenge for many companies. It is important for merchants to not only consider the primary language of countries they’re expanding into, but also the various dialects and colloquial speech patterns to ensure everything is understandable and leaves an impact.

Shipping: When merchants expand to new countries, it is crucial to understand how products will be delivered to certain regions, and if they can be delivered at all. Making sure new regions are serviceable is a necessity on the expansion checklist.

Legal: When expanding into new regions, merchants must brush up on the laws or regulations that may impact the sale and delivery of their goods. Some countries ban certain imports or the sale of certain items. Merchants must also be cautious when it comes to business operations in general.

Payments: It is crucial that merchants understand how the people in their target countries make purchases. Payment behaviors vary widely from region to region, so it is important that those nuances are taken into consideration when setting up a website to accept different forms of payment.

Go International

  • Win more sales
  • Gain more market share
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Tailor storefronts for different geographies
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global market solution

BigCommerce Global Market Solution

The BigCommerce platform is the perfect solution for merchants who want to initiate their expansion into the global marketplace. Businesses can take advantage of BigCommerce’s multi-store functionalities to truly customize each region’s storefront through a single dashboard!