Grow, multiply, and centralize.

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Multiple Storefronts Tailored for All

Multi-storefront eCommerce platforms enable businesses to launch and manage multiple different storefronts from a single platform. Traditionally, online stores exist one-dimensionally⁠—standalone websites that contain all of the merchant’s products and services. With this traditional model, the website appears the same no matter who is viewing it. There is no customization for different audiences.

With a multi-store, however, businesses have the ability to efficiently expand into new regions, develop multiple brands, and create unique, personalized shopping experiences under one roof!

Level Up With Multi-Storefront

  • Unified storefront management from a single dashboard
  • Streamlined data reporting and analytics
  • Store-specific offers and promotions
  • Products with variable price controls
  • Increased ROI through audience segmentation
  • Expansion into global markets through region-specific storefronts
  • Custom storefronts for different business models (B2B, B2C)
  • Personalized marketing tactics for unique audiences
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BigCommerce Unlimited Multi-Storefront

At the beginning of 2022, BigCommerce launched its unlimited multi-store functionalities! Now, merchants on the platform have the opportunity to expand their businesses into new regions, brands, and customer segments. The best part is, everything can be managed from a single, streamlined backend!