More ways to buy, more ways to sell.

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Drive more sales with an omnichannel solution.

Customers want flexibility when it comes to how and when they make a purchase. Convenience is key, so being able to deliver seamless shopping experiences across a variety of channels will ultimately reach and retain more clients. Omnichannel solutions enable merchants to stay competitive in today’s market. They not only allow businesses to provide different purchasing avenues, but ensure that those avenues are all in sync.

Create Visibility With Omnichannel

B2Commerce can help merchants discover which channels fit their ideal client profile best. We can also help establish a cohesive plan to keep those channels working in sync. Omnichannel eCommerce must be completely integrated so that the shopping experience doesn’t feel disjointed or incongruous from one device to the next.

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B2Commerce Omnichannel Playbook

  • Sync inventory and avoid over-selling
  • Merge offline and online sales, inventory and accounting
  • Connect to different marketplaces, social media, and POS solutions

Increase your ROI with a flexible solution.

B2Commerce Merchants can further increase their sales by offering flexible fulfillment options, such as ship-from-store or buy-online-pick-up-in-store (BIPOS). The more options customers have (as long as those options are coordinated rather than confusing), the easier it will be for them to make a purchase.

An omnichannel structure ultimately offers the most straightforward pathway to purchase because it is almost always able to meet the customer where they are or be malleable to the customer’s needs. Sometimes customers prefer to shop online but would like to see, touch, or try on an item in person first. With omnichannel, customers can shop how they want and have multiple options for doing so.

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