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When it comes to migrations, let B2Commerce be your expert.

Migrating your eCommerce store can be very complex depending on the versions and modules involved,
any custom features that have been developed, and any integrations that may exist. 

Custom Data Migration

The taxonomy of your data can be complicated and getting that data onto your website can be time consuming.
Wagento will work with your staff to train you on the most efficient ways to push
data live on your website or even update content. All this can be done in bulk.

Magento to BigCommerce

Magento 1 support ended in June of 2020! If you’re a merchant who needs to migrate,
consider the BigCommerce platform as the next stop in your eCommerce journey!
Remember, staying on Magento 1 could have some major consequences.

  • Your store will be at risk
  • Your payment provider may drop you
  • You will lack mission-critical extensions
  • Migrating to BigCommerce is easy!

You’ll have access to front-end features, beautiful mobile-ready themes, and an extensive app store in no time! 

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