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When it comes to migrations, let B2Commerce be your expert.

Migrating your eCommerce store can be very complicated depending on the versions and modules involved, 
custom features that have been developed and any integrations that may exist.

Custom Data Migration

Taxonomy of your data can be complicated and getting that data into your website can be time consuming. 

B2Commerce will work with your staff to train them on the most efficient ways to push real-time data to your website or even update content. All of this can be done in "bulk." 

Platform to platform migration

A business that needs to migrate to new versions should also consider new platforms. Remaining on a platform that no longer covers your current needs or that does not adjust to them, will present continuous failures, and will bring negative effects such as: 

  • Your store will be at risk
  • Your payment provider may drop you
  • You will lack mission-critical extensions
  • Migrating to other platforms is much easier than you think! 

You'll have access to front-end features, beautiful mobile-ready themes, and access to an extensive app store in no time! 

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