More ways to buy, more ways to sell!

Ready, Set, GROW!

In this day in age, it pays for businesses to be versatile and offer numerous options for customers.
People’s desire for convenience supersedes many other variables in the buying process, and one of the
best ways businesses can satisfy that demand is through an omnichannel approach. 

Pre-Built Integrations All on a Single Platform!

Since the platforms we work with closely partner with many of these channels, you will get access to all the latest updates and features! For example, when Instagram launched its Checkout feature, merchants could start creating shoppable posts and allow their customers to checkout directly from the app!

Why B2Commerce Omnichannel?

Sync inventory and avoid over-selling
Merge offline and online sales, inventory and accounting
Connect to different marketplaces, social media, and POS solutions

Win More Sales!

Gain Customer Loyalty!

Increase Your Market Share!

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